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Mantis Technologie

The Cliff-Hanger (patent pending), was designed by an experienced cath lab director who understands that working with heavy lead vests all day long prohibits movement and takes a toll over time on the physical well-being of physicians and other medical professionals. 

With patent-pending technology and innovative ergonomic design, the Cliff-Hanger offers immediate benefits:                                         

                                * Eliminates the weight of lead on physicians doing procedures
                                         * Designed to help eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain  
                                         * Allows more cases-per-day because of reduced fatigue on doctors and staff

Let the Cliff-Hanger carry your load!

  • Cath Labs, Outpatient Labs
  • IR Labs, Hospitals
  • Surgery Sites
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Pain Management Clinics
  • Imaging Centers
  • Cardiologists, Surgeons
  • Radiologists, Anesthesiologists
  • Technologists, CVT's and RCIS

Who can use the Cliff-Hanger?

Lighten the Load, Alleviate your fatigue
                    with Cliff-Hanger!